Deal By Deal

Principles of

tenacity, street work and validation.

Deal By Deal

We seek value
added assets

Finding the right property to acqurie and turn into a profitable deal is not easy. There are  many factors to consider. We try to cover them all.


How We Got Started

The Begining

Garland Shields, a Brooklyn real estate agent, diligently climbed the ladder from handling rentals to effectively revitalizing properties for sale.

With unwavering dedication and astute market insight, Shields transitioned from managing rentals to mastering the art of curating properties ripe for purchase, showcasing his expertise and commitment to the real estate domain.


The Support

A Network of Smart Individuals

Over the years, Shields has strategically surrounded himself with astute individuals who offer guidance, mentorship, and invaluable insights into making sound decisions regarding real estate assets.

He has cultivated a tight-knit circle of trusted confidants whom he can rely on at any moment, ensuring his access to wise counsel and support remains steadfast.


Garland S

NYC Council

Adam K.

Miami Council

Ira S.


Eric V.

Miami Realtor

Gigi K.

Advisory Counsel

Manny M.

Head of Construction

Lamuel P.


Our Deals

Our Deals Are Simple

The deals typically come to Shields through his access as a seasoned agent, often stemming from diverse sources, including chance encounters during his routine walks.

Each potential deal undergoes meticulous vetting before being presented to his network of confidants for guidance and insight, ensuring thorough evaluation and strategic planning prior to seeking funding for acquisition.



Management of the Assets

Each deal is acquired within an LLC structure, with all members holding ownership stakes, fostering a culture of complete transparency throughout the investment process. In certain instances, ownership structures may be majority-controlled by the member with the highest capital investment, while EquityShares assumes the role of asset manager, ensuring that projected returns are diligently managed and realized.


When we rent our Assets

Units or homes being rented out, whether for short-term or long-term stays, are expertly managed under CasaRenter. These rental properties are strategically marketed across various online platforms including Airbnb, Zillow,, and other prominent channels, maximizing visibility and occupancy rates.


The Sale of An Asset

The sale of an asset demands profound insight and expertise to secure the optimal price, while timing plays a pivotal role in achieving success. EquityShares leverages its in-house brokers who meticulously prepare and present the asset for sale, ensuring a strategic approach aimed at maximizing returns for stakeholders.


Profits of a Sale

Profits generated from investments are distributed to investors either on a monthly or quarterly basis, allowing investors to select their preferred distribution frequency prior to the acquisition of an asset. These distributions are allocated to investors according to the returns generated by the investment, providing a transparent and flexible approach to reward investors based on their investment preferences.

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